Film: A Limousine the Colour of Midsummer’s Eve

An old woman who lives in the country, Saknīšu Mirta, wins a Lada car in a lottery. Her house is immediately visited by relatives who until then had never had any interest in the old lady; Mirta’s only helpers until then were the members of the neighbouring family, the Giluči. Mirta’s nephew Ēriks, his wife and son, and her ex-daughter-in-law with her husband and daughter would like to get the car, and each tries to convince Aunty Mirta to favour them. But before her death Mirta remembers a suitor from her youth, Pigals Pridis.

A Limousine the Colour of a Midsummer’s Eve is a domestic comedy that has become a phenomenon of Latvian cinematic history, hailed as the best Latvian film of all time in various surveys. The film continues to occupy a regular place in summer solstice TV programming and has embellished contemporary folklore with a string of sayings and dialogue.

1981, Colour, 83 min.

English subtitles.

Sydney Latvian House

1.30 pm, 29th June

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